Terms of use

Application and interpretation of the rules

1.1. This document is an agreement between PINSTRAVEL.COM (MB „RENGIMANIJA”)

Address: Ozo g. 4-302, LT-08200 Vilnius, Lithuania; Company reg. no: 303152062) PORTAL (hereinafter PINSTRAVEL.COM) and you (hereinafter the Client) regarding the use of the website

PINSTRAVEL.COM (hereinafter the Website).

1.2. By using the Website, you confirm that you are familiar with this agreement terms and conditions (hereinafter the Rules), you agree to the Rules and commit to following them.

1.3. Use of the Website within the meaning of these Rules includes the performance of all and any actions

when the Client connects to the Website using an Internet connection. Within the meaning of these Rules

services (hereinafter the Services) cover all and any actions of the Client that he/she may perform on the Website, including posting Ads, reading the posted information, providing, sending, receiving questions, information and/or data of any kind, but not limited to it (hereinafter the Services). The Client in any way and form using The Website and/or the Services, unconditionally and irrevocably undertake to comply with all of the following requirements set out in these Rules. If the Client refuses unconditionally and irrevocably to assume and comply with all these obligations outlined in these Rules, he/she shall not be entitled to use any Services and/or the Website.

1.4. Part of the Services provided on the Website are provided to the Client for a fee (hereinafter Paid

Services). The price of the Paid Services is specified on the order page of the specific Paid Service.

1.5. In addition to these Rules, the provisions of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, special conditions and rules provided on the Website, and well-established good business practice shall be applied to regulate the relations between the Client and PINSTRAVEL.COM.

1.6. If any provision of these Rules is contrary to the laws or for any reason becomes partially or completely invalid, the remaining provisions of the Rules are still valid.

1.7. By ordering services of another portal in PINSTRAVEL.COM system when using PINSTRAVEL.COM, you must read and follow the rules of another portal when using that portal.

General conditions

2.1. PINSTRAVEL.COM provides Clients with a virtual space, i.e. The Website in which the Clients have

the opportunity to post their ads about offered and/or searched real estate objects (hereinafter Ads), view, read Ads, search for Ads and use other Services. In addition to the Client’s Ads, other information may be posted on the Website PINSTRAVEL.COM and/or information of third parties, which may include the Client’s competitors.

2.2. PINSTRAVEL.COM provides only technical means for posting information on the Website and

will in no way participate in the sale-purchase or other transactions on the Website among Clients related to the offered real estate objects (neither as an intermediary, authorized person, representative, or otherwise). PINSTRAVEL.COM will also not be the Client’s agent, representative, intermediary, etc.

2.3. The Client, getting acquainted with the Ads and/or Services on the Website,

accepting the offers posted on the Website and/or posting the Ads by himself/herself and otherwise

using the Services, acts independently, at his/her own risk, and is responsible for all of

the consequences and obligations arising from his/her behaviour and use of the Website.

2.4. Any posting and/or making available of information to the public is not available on the Website

is not considered PINSTRAVEL.COM offer to make a transaction.

2.5. All notifications and information between the Client and PINSTRAVEL.COM will be sent

by electronic means: for PINSTRAVEL.COM – at the addresses specified in these Rules or

on the Website, for the Client – at the addresses indicated when entering the Ad information and/or in registration account, unless otherwise stated in these Rules.

2.6. All intellectual property rights to the Website and all its content, including the authors’

rights, industrial intellectual property rights, companies’ names, know-how, commercial and

industrial secrets owned by PINSTRAVEL.COM or PINSTRAVEL.COM lawfully uses the rights granted by third parties.

2.7. By using the Website or Services and/or by providing, entering, or otherwise sending any information or data to the Website the Client grants these exclusive rights for free of charge, for an unlimited time and in an unlimited territory to PINSTRAVEL.COM to such works, information and/or data:

2.7.1. the right to reproduce, publish, make public, make publicly available in any form or by any means

and distribute by selling, renting, commodating or other transferring ownership;

2.7.2. the right to change or adapt, create derivative works from the information provided by the Client;

2.7.3. use the information provided for free of charge in any way, for any purpose, or in any form.

2.8. The Client agrees that PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to use the photographs of the Ads and/or

other information for promotional purposes of PINSTRAVEL.COM without disclosing the Client’s personal information. The Client agrees that his/her Ads and other content published by the Client

including any intellectual property, would become part of the Website database, it would be protected by PINSTRAVEL.COM and/or its authorized persons and used for indefinitely time in the manner prescribed by laws unless otherwise specified in these Rules. Neither PINSTRAVEL.COM nor any other third party using the Ads and/or other content published by the Client, will not be obliged to pay the Client royalty or other remuneration for such content use.

2.9. Any processing of the content, design of the Website by third parties,

copying, decompilation, encryption, reprogramming, transfer, redirection, and/or

other use without the written permission of PINSTRAVEL.COM and/or in violation of the Rules is

infringement of intellectual property and other rights punishable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

This restriction does not apply to Clients with respect to their Ads insofar as it is related to a specific Client’s Ad and it does not unreasonably alter or impair the operation of the Website and Services provided by PINSTRAVEL.COM.

  1. The Client’s rights and obligations

3.1. The Client is obligated:

3.1.1. to provide correct and complete information about himself/herself, including his/her real name and phone number;

3.1.2. not to use the Website and/or the Services for illegal actions or transactions or frauds;

3.1.3. to post only one ad for each object for sale in the database of PINSTRAVEL.COM;

3.1.4. not to post any graphics images/letters/numbers (e.g. handwritten notes, telephone numbers, surnames, eye-catching words) or a combination of photographs with graphic images/letters/numbers in the place of photographs of the rented object or replace photographs in other ways;

3.1.5. to have a rented object.

3.1.6. to take full responsibility for the compliance of the content of the Ad with the terms of the Rules;

3.1.7. not to acquire copyrights to the PINSTRAVEL.COM Database, but he/she has the right to change,

add or update his/her Ads;

3.1.8. to agree that if PINSTRAVEL.COM administrators believe or if it is obvious from

the Ad entered in the database that the Ad contains incorrect information, or the Ad contradicts to the accepted norms of ethics and law, PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to remove the Ad from the Database;

3.1.9. to ensure that the Ad does not contain viruses or other computer programs or files,

which may interfere with the normal operation of the Website and/or the Services;

3.1.10. not to advertise or post information in which third parties or the goods and/or services of persons directly or indirectly competing with PINSTRAVEL.COM are mentioned;

3.1.11. not to collect, store, transfer to other medium, make available to the public,

not to post or distribute the data of the users of the Website or data about any of the Website

consumers’ actions;

3.1.12. store the Client’s login name and password (if they are provided to the Client) to it would

not be known to third parties, except for the persons authorized by the Client to represent the Client

using the Services;

3.1.13. not to post meaningless Ads or Ads with meaningless character sequences;

3.1.14. not to use profanity, racist remarks, phrases that may offend other persons;

3.1.15. to post an ad in PINSTRAVEL.COM database only in the thematic section dedicated to it;

3.1.16. to fill in the ad text neatly, use the correct Lithuanian language and use Lithuanian font, not to write the text in capital letters (except where there is a separate mark).

3.1.17. not to offer and not post ads on the Website about goods and/or services which sale is prohibited under the legal acts that in force in the Republic of Lithuania.

List of prohibited goods/services

It is forbidden to post Ads that are related to the sale and/or purchase of the following goods/services:

pornographic content material, photos, ads;

material or images inciting national, ethnic, racial, religious hatred, or hatred for non-religion;

arms and ammunition for which possession or sale an appropriate permit is required or they have to be registered and gas grenade launchers and pepper gas sprays, notwithstanding the legality of holding and trading of the mentioned means;

copyright or intellectual property infringing music works, films, software and other goods, third party rights, including the right to the image, privacy-infringing content;

alcohol, tobacco, narcotic and psychotropic substances, as well as other substances used as drug substitutes (substitutes), notwithstanding the legality of the storage and sale of the mentioned substances, as well as dangerous pure chemicals substances which may endanger life, health, or the environment;

any medicines, including Viagra, Cialis, etc.;

human or animal organs;

shares, stocks, bonds, and other securities, debt claims, investment funds units, insurance policies, and products and any other investment or monetary financial instruments offered in the form of a deposit, except exclusively collectible value tangible securities if such sale requires relevant permit or license under the law and such permit or license has not been obtained and/or if the posting of such ad is contrary to the legal acts regulating the ad of financial means;

software or material adapted to enforce the legal acts or generally accepted activity that violates decency standards (viruses, blocking equipment, illegal data collection equipment, etc.);

services and materials related to participation in so-called financial pyramids, i.e. in financial structures created on the principle of attracting new members, where the main (or the only) source of profit is the registration fee paid by new members;

other goods and/or services whose sale is prohibited or restricted, they need relevant licenses or permits that Client does not have, or such licenses and permits do not grant the right to sell such goods and/or services by electronic means, including online;

as well as any other goods and/or services where their sale, including on the Internet, is prohibited by legal acts.

It should be noted that this list is not final, therefore, the Client offering to buy and/or sell

goods and/or services, when the sale of them may violate the requirements of legal acts, operates

solely at his/her own risk, and PINSTRAVEL.COM will not be liable for such ads content under any circumstances.

3.2. The Client understands that there may be an obligation to pay fees at his/her own expense

related to the use of the Services and/or the revenue generated by the use of the Services (e.g. personal income tax, VAT, etc.).

3.3. Understands and agrees that PINSTRAVEL.COM will process and manage the Client’s personal data

under the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.4. A Client between the age of 14 to 18 confirms that he/she:

3.4.1. has received legal representatives (e.g. parents) consent to offer a good or service, to make a transaction, and perform the obligations arising therefrom before offering the product or service;

3.4.2. well understands all the provisions of the Rules and understands that the use of the Website and the Services may give rise to a legal obligation to purchase or sell a good or service.

3.5. For non-compliance with the Rules, PINSTRAVEL.COM may:

3.5.1 remove the Ad with obscene content from PINSTRAVEL.COM database;

3.5.2. prohibit a Client from accessing the Website.

  1. PINSTRAVEL.COM rights and obligations

4.1. PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to process (collect, store, manage, keep, make queries,

select, merge, use, hide, or delete) PINSTRAVEL.COM Client’s ads which were entered in the database of PINSTRAVEL.COM, with the purpose to submit and transfer them to third parties (Data recipients) that use the Database to search for ads.

4.2. PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to remove the Client’s ads or any other information provided by the Client from the Website at any time in its sole discretion, if, in the opinion of PINSTRAVEL.COM, they

violate these Rules, applicable legal acts they are contrary to good morals.

4.3. If the Client violates the Rules, PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to prohibit him/her without notice

to participate in the activity of PINSTRAVEL.COM.

4.4. PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to receive payment for the provided Services based on the prices indicated on the Website.

4.5. PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to send various offers to the Client.

4.6. PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to change and rearrange ads at any time within the limits of the database at its own discretion to make the database more user-friendly.

  1. Paid services

5.1. Paid Services are described and listed on the Website, and their price is indicated

on the order page of each specific Paid Service.

  1. Personal data

6.1. The Client agrees to these Rules and declares that he/she provides his/her data to

PINSTRAVEL.COM voluntarily and agrees that the data provided by him/her will be stored

in PINSTRAVEL.COM database until the personal data provider requests to delete them or for 5 years from the date of the last connection to the system.

  1. Limitation of liability

7.1. The Client agrees that PINSTRAVEL.COM is not and will not be responsible for the malfunctions of the Website and/or Services and consequent loss or damage suffered by the Client or third parties.

7.2. PINSTRAVEL.COM is not responsible for any losses that may occur due to the use of the found information in the Ads.

7.3. The Client undertakes to ensure that PINSTRAVEL.COM would never incur any legal liability, obligation to pay, indemnify or otherwise compensate for any loss, damage, or other costs incurred due to the Client’s use of the Website and/or Services.

7.4. PINSTRAVEL.COM is not liable for the malfunction of PINSTRAVEL.COM or loss of activity for participants or third parties due to technical problems or other events, which can be neither controlled nor influenced by PINSTRAVEL.COM and due to which PINSTRAVEL.COM activity cannot be implemented.

  1. Change of rules

8.1 PINSTRAVEL.COM has the right to partially or completely change the Rules.

8.2. PINSTRAVEL.COM will notify the Client about the changes in the Rules by announcing it on the Website.

8.3. Changes of the Rules will take effect upon their publication on the Website.

  1. Final provisions

9.1. The rules are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.2. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the activity of PINSTRAVEL.COM will be settled through negotiations and if disagreements are not resolved amicably, disputes shall be resolved under the procedure of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.3. The Rules will enter into force from the moment the Client confirms that he/she agrees to them and they will valid for the entire period of the relationship between the Client and PINSTRAVEL.COM.

The Rules are valid from 21.12.2020

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